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Ancient Kiln and Folk Custom Scenic Area

The Ancient Kiln Folk Custom Expo Area of Jingde Town is the national cultural industry demonstration base, and National Intangible Cultural Heritage Productive Protection Demonstration Base, composed of the past Dynasties porcelain display areas and ceramic folk display areas.

In the porcelain exhibition area, the ancient porcelain workshop, the world's oldest production line of porcelain, the Song Dynasty Dragon Kiln, and other attractions show the ancient ceramic industry building process and traditional porcelain products. The Ceramic Folk Custom Display Area takes the Qing ancient buildings as the center, and has the ceramic folk display, porcelain monument corridor, water stage porcelain music and other attractions, representing the styles and features of the Jingde Town porcelain industry in the Fifteenth and Sixth Century.

Travel Tips

Address:No.1, Guyao Road, Cidu Avenue, Jingde Town

Transportation:Take Bus 33、2、9、22 to the Fengshushan Station within the city and walk to the destination.

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