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Namtso National Park

Namtso, the Tibetan word for "lake of the sky," is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. The lake is 4,718 meters above sea level, 70 kilometers long from east to west, 30 kilometers wide from north to south and covers an area of 1,920 square kilometers. It is the largest lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region, China, the third largest saltwater lake of China, and also the highest lake in the world. Namtso is located in the mountainous area about 60 kilometers northwest of Dangxiong County. It has a very sacred position in the minds of Tibetans. Every Goat Year of the Tibetan calendar, pilgrims travel thousands of miles to Namtso to participate in the grand Zhuanhu (walking around the lake) Festival. 

Travel Tips

Address:Namtso National Park, Dangxiong County, Lhasa City

Transportation:Coach bus renting is recommended.

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