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Huizhou Ancient City

The Huizhou Ancient City is one of the Four Major Ancient Chinese Cities, designated as a National Famous Historical and Cultural City in China in 1986 by the State Council and incorporated into the Ancient Huizhou Cultural Tourist Area, a National AAAAA Scenic Area in 2014. Covering an area of, it was first constructed in Qin dynasty and has been the seat of government of Hui Commandery and Prefecture. The county authority worked with the prefecture authority in the same city. The Huizhou Ancient City is the cradle of Huizhou culture and hailed as the “Center of Rites and Confucianism in Southeastern China”. The cultural studies of Huizhou, Dunhuang and Tibet are three prestigious disciplines in China.

Travel Tips

Address:She County, Huangshan City

Transportation:Take a long-distance bus or train to She County and go to Huizhou Ancient City by bus. Bus lines No.3 and No.4 can stop at the Hui Garden at the north of the ancient city; No.1 and No.2 can stop close to the Huizhou government office, the Duojing Garden Tourist Service Center and Yuliang Village on the Huizhou Road.

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