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Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Hangzhou Section

The Hangzhou section of the Grand Canal stretches about 39 kilometers north-south from Tangxi, Hangzhou, across four districts of Hangzhou including Yuhang, Gongshu, Xiacheng and Jianggan to the Qiantang River. It’s a World Cultural Heritage. Along the canal, there are many interesting sights themed on the canal and old local streets, as well as a number of museums and food streets. But they are dispersed over a wide area and it takes much time to visit one by one, so visitors had better take a water bus tour down the canal to enjoy the food and museums.


Travel Tips

Address:Tangxi, Yuhang District – Qiantang River, Hangzhou

Transportation:Take a water bus at Wulin Gate, Xinyifang, Gongchen Bridge or other wharves.

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