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Jinan Baili Yellow River Scenic Area

Located in northern Jinan City, Shandong Province, the Baili Yellow River Scenic Area is a scenic attraction known for its ecological beauty. The Yellow River of this section stretches 51.98 kilometers (about 32 miles). Take a walk in the scenic area, you can have a view of the levee that extends along the Yellow River, which is praised as “the Great Wall over water”. You can also see some anti-flood projects, culverts, sluices, as well as the trunk river course of the Yellow River known as the "suspension river" as the river bed is raised by sand deposits. The Queshan Reservoir and the Yuqing Lake Reservoir lie on the Yellow River are just like two dressing mirrors of the mother river, glittering and translucent.

Travel Tips

Address:No.166 Luokou Huancheng Road, Tianqiao District, Jinan City

Transportation:Take bus 108, 111, 114 or k92 to Luokou.

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