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Shennong Mountain

Shennong Mountain is one of the first batch of global geological parks. It was named after Emperor Shennong who used to distinguish five grains, taste all sorts of herbs, and set an altar to offer sacrifices to heaven here.

After hundreds of millions of years of evolution, nature created the beautiful scenery of Shennong Mountain. The Dragon’s Back Great Wall, a global geological wonder, is the most representative natural landscape in Shennong Mountain. The Dragon’s Back Great Wall is a mountain ridge with nine peaks. It meanders across the top of the Taihang Mountains like a giant dragon. The mountain is precipitous and offers breathtaking scenery.

Shennong Mountain is home to numerous animal species. Taihang macaques, which are most commonly seen here, are national second class protected animals. They are elves in the mountain, jumping on the cliffs and stone walls or playing with tourists.

Travel Tips

Address:Shennong Mountain Scenic Area in Ziling Town in the north of Qinyang, Henan Province

Transportation:The direct buses to Shennong Mountain depart from Jiaozuo Tourist Bus Station every 30 minutes and from Qinyang Bus Station every 15 minutes.

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