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Arxan - Chai River Tourist Area

Located in the core of the developed area of eastern Inner Mongolia, Arxan - Chai River Tourist Area owns an extremely convenient transport with surrounding cities.

The Arxan Mineral Spring is one of the largest functional mineral springs in the world. According to the volcanic scientific investigation conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and China University of Geosciences, Arxan is surrounded by more than a hundred mineral springs with different temperatures, including cold, warm, hot and hyper-thermal springs. They are also divided into different types based on their functions, such as drinking and bathing mineral springs. Due to its special geographical conditions, the Arxan–Chaihe Tourist Area is covered by snow and ice from November to April of the next year, during which mountains and fields create a beautiful snow world. This area enjoys a long snow fall period and high snow quality. The average snow thickness exceeds 350 mm and the special mountain slopes and terrain here also provide favorable conditions for skiing. In 2003, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and China University of Geosciences jointly conducted a scientific investigation on the Arxan region. They discovered a well-preserved volcanic lava area of over 200 square kilometers in the Arxan–Chaihe region, which was proven to be the largest volcanic lava landform in Asia. Some volcanic lava scenes here are the only existing ones in Asia. They have distinctive forms and cannot be found anywhere else.

Travel Tips

Address:Arxan, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Transportation:Take a train to Arxan and stay for three days, then go to the Chaihe River Scenic Spot which is 180 kilometers away.

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