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Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Museum

The Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Museum is a national museum, and also the only comprehensive professional museum that reflects Tibetan medicine. At present, it includes the Tibetan medical history showroom, Mantang instruments showroom, ancient literature showroom, Tibetan specimens showroom, astronomy showroom, paintings showroom, Tibetan folk showroom, Tibetan calligraphy, and Pharmacist Thousand Buddha Hall. There are over 20,000 cultural relics in the museum, including the Grand Painting of China’s Tibetan Culture and Art which is 618 meters in length – a Guinness World Record – and is known as an encyclopedia of Tibetan culture. A variety of glittering and exquisite Tibetan culture and arts are on display, as it has gathered together all kinds of Tibetan medicines making it a palace of plateau culture.

Here you can see the long history of civilization on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, experience the precious culture of Tibetan medicine, appreciate the western-plateau life, and enjoy magnificent and gorgeous paintings.

Travel Tips

Address:No.36 Jing’er Road, Biology Science and Technology Industry Park, Xining

Transportation:Take the No.1 or No.34 bus to Xinle Garden Stop (Xinle Huayuan Zhan).

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