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Waterwheel Expo Park

Lanzhou is known as the "Waterwheel Capital". Waterwheel Expo Park is built on the south bank of the Yellow River, reappearing a spectacular view of the Yellow River's waterwheels from more than 50 years ago. Lanzhou Waterwheel Expo Park is composed of a Waterwheel Park, Waterwheel Square, and Cultural Square, which is a theme park displaying waterwheel culture.

It takes you a few steps to reach Waterwheel Square (first part of the Expo Park) from the south gate of Expo Park. Dozens of different Waterwheel styles are displayed in the Square. In particular, Lanzhou Waterwheel is famous for its vigorous strength, unique structure and exquisite craftsmanship. The water mill show beside the waterwheel exhibits the craft of the past in grinding flour by water-powered rotating grinds. The second part of the Expo Park is the Waterwheel Park that boasts the major scenic spot is the 12 round of Lanzhou waterwheel. A harmonious picture of the Yellow River, waterwheels and agricultural industry is reappeared here. The last is the third part of the Expo Park, the Cultural Square. The Cultural Square reflects the waterwheel culture with pictures, words, articles and other means and eulogizes the practical activities that laboring people benefit mankind.

Travel Tips

Address:No. 524, Nanbinhe East Road, Lanzhou City

Transportation:Take buses No. 20, 25, 109, 116, 135 or 140 to the Waterwheel Expo Park Stop.

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