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The Changbai Mountain Has a Smooth and Orderly Holiday Tourism Market During “Qingming Festival”

Date:2018-04-09 View:19

Source: Jilin Tourism Development Administration

During the “Qingming Festival” holiday period (April 5th-7th), Changbai Mountain Scenic Area received a total of 4789 visitors, a 36% drop compared to the same period of last year affected by the drastic cooling and snowfall climate. The holiday tourism market was in order and there were no tourism safety accidents and tourism complaints. Holiday tourism focuses on three aspects: First, to strengthen the “more snow in the late spring of Changbai Mountain,” the anti-sea ice tourism product promotion, improve and improve the “mountain sightseeing, mountain recreation,” the tourism industry chain, the tourism companies according to holiday tourism characteristics, enhanced management, innovative products, CCTV news channel reported Changbai Mountain's global tourism environment, short and medium-distance tour, parent-child visits, and other news reports such as “Uninterrupted Snowfall in Changbai Mountain Visitors” and “Next to Changbai Mountain Spring Snow Dropping and Migratory Birds”. Self-driving tourists have grown significantly. The second is to improve the quality of tourism services. Through joint inspections and “double random and public” random inspections, we continued to intensify the inspection of the holiday tourism market, severely investigated the behaviors of the travel agencies such as unlicensed operation, over-range operations, unreasonable low prices, etc., and disrupted the market order, and enhanced holiday civilized tourism and publicity. It is important to guide and encourage civilized tourism, expose uncivilized behavior, and become a new highlight of holiday travel. The third is to strengthen holiday duty on duty. All relevant departments have strengthened their organizational leadership, improved service guarantees, and strictly implemented a system of leading and shifting classes and a 24-hour on-duty system to ensure order and tourist safety.



(Editor: Jilin Niu Gang)