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Baisha Geopark was granted national geological park qualification

Date:2018-04-10 View:14

Source: Hainan Daily

The reporter recently learned from the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources that in order to effectively protect, reasonably develop, and scientifically utilize geological relic resources, 31 geological parks have been granted national geological park qualifications and Hainan Baisha Geopark has passed the review and appraisal by the eighth national geological park expert review team.

Among them, Hainan Baisha Geopark is mainly composed of geomorphological geological relics, both water landscape, karst landforms, geological structures, ancient human remains and unique red revolutionary cultural and historical landscapes and ethnic customs of the Lisu and Miao ethnic groups. The ecological environment is beautiful.

According to the requirements, qualified geoparks should follow the principle of “protection first and scientific utilization” and do a good job in the protection and development of geological heritage resources in the park. Overdue units that cannot complete the planning, publication, and construction of the national geopark will be disqualified.


(Editor: Huang Tao)