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Sichuan Tourism Development Committee Held 2018 Promotion Meeting for Pilot Program of Party Member Merit Point Management

Date:2018-04-27 View:0

Source: Sichuan Tourism Development Committee

 On the morning of April 17, Sichuan Tourism Development Committee held the 2018 Promotion Meeting for Pilot Program of Party Member Merit Point Management for the re-mobilization, re-arrangement, and re-deployment of the pilot program. Hu Bin, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, attended the meeting to make work arrangements and specific requirements.


During the meeting, party members from party branches who ranked first on merit points in 2017 were commended, and the Implementing Plan of the CPC Work Committee for Organizations in Sichuan Tourism Development Committee for Advancing the Pilot Program of Party Member Merit Point Management studied. Secretary Hu Bin emphasized three points in advancing the pilot program.

 Firstly, improve the political position of Party Member Merit Point Management and fully understand the importance of its effective implementation. The Party Member Merit Point Management should be considered as an innovative measure to carry out comprehensive and strict governance of the Party, an important carrier for putting into practice the normalized and institutionalized learning and education of "study party constitution and rules, study series of speeches, and become a qualified party member", and an important means to strengthen the daily education and management of party members. Secondly, take effective measures to promote the Party Member Merit Point Management. The contents and scores of merit points will be clearly defined based on the characteristics of party members of different types and in different positions, and the merit point standards will be established to guide party members in achieving the goals. Focusing on the central work and major tasks, we should set up a good platform, build a solid carrier, and do well in key procedures such as merit point application, review and deliberation. We should adhere to the principles that leading cadres are the first to study and act, and set an example of cultivating party spirit, improving work style and promoting the work. Party members’ merit points should be used as the main basis for rewards and punishments, to motivate party members to perform their duties. Thirdly, strengthen the organization and leadership to ensure the achievement of substantial results in Party Member Merit Point Management. Secretary of the Party Leadership Group should personally take charge of, and Party Secretary of Organizations should take the lead in carrying out the work, and secretaries of party branches should implement specific work. The Party Member Merit Point Management should be used as an important part of the evaluation of party building by party branches and the deliberation of party secretary’s work reports, to strengthen the assessment and accountability. More efforts should be made to conduct publicity activities, making everyone care about and participate in the merit point program. Advanced models should be discovered and cultivated, and positive experience timely summarized and popularized.

The meeting was hosted by You Yong, Party Secretary of Organizations, and attended by more than 80 people including all party members of party branches of organizations and directly affiliated units, party committee members of Sichuan Institute of Tourism and party branch secretary of Sichuan Provincial Tourism Association.

(Editor in charge: Yang Jie from Sichuan Province)