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Students from Heilongjiang Vocational Colleges Compete on Tour Guide Knowledge, with 6 Students thereof Selected for National

Date:2018-05-03 View:0


The tour guide service contest under the “Harbin Railway International Travel Cup” 2018 Skills Contest for Students from Heilongjiang Vocational Colleges and Qualification Competition for the National Contest was held from April 20 to 21 in Heilongjiang Vocational College of Tourism, with the participation of a total of 26 students from 13 colleges.


This competition consists of tour guide knowledge test, improvisation of tour guide presentation, tour guide presentation of optional sites, oral English test and use of talent and skills. Unlike previous ones, this competition added improvisation of tour guide presentation and oral English test. It focused more on the contestants' knowledge of the Chinese tourism culture, the ability of improvisation and oral English level, which is more close to work practice.