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Qinghai: 5 direct tourism buses for the festivals of National Day and Mid-autumn

Date:2017-09-27 View:244

Source: Xihai Urban News


Xining Bus Terminal Center will provide 5 direct tourism buses during the National Day and Mid-autumn festival.

The 5 direct tourism buses are: Qinghai Lake one-day tour bus (getting on and off at the South Station), Kumbum Monastery half-day tour bus, Guide one-day tour bus, Chaka Salt Lake and Qinghai Lake two-day tour bus, and Jingtai Stone Forest two-day tour bus.

Of all the 5 buses, Qinghai Lake one-day tour costs 205 yuan per adult and 105 yuan per kid under 1.4m tall; Kumbum Monastery half-day tour bus costs 55 yuan per adult and 30 yuan per kid under 1.4m tall;  Guide one-day tour bus costs 85 yuan per adult and 45 yuan per kid under 1.4m tall; , Chaka Salt Lake and Qinghai Lake two-day tour bus costs 420 yuan per person and Jingtai Stone Forest two-day tour bus costs 460 yuan per person.

The 5 tourism direct buses will start running from the October 1. The earliest bus leaves at 8 a.m. every day. Citizens can go to Xinning Road Passenger Station, Nanchuan West Road Passenger Station or Xining Bus Terminal Center for bus tickets. One can also buy tickets at all postal offices in the city or on Ctrip, and Passengers can take the buses at Xinning Road Passenger Station and Xining Bus Terminal Center. Specific shifts of the 5 buses will adjust according to the passenger flow.

(Edited by Wang Yan, Qinghai Province)


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