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The Beauty of Hebei Highlighted by the Green Mountains

Date:2018-06-27 View:0

Source: Beijing Daily


Hebei plans to build itself into a province with blue sky, fresh air, green land and clear rivers. As the place where the good example of afforestation in Saihanba is set up and the base of the ecological environment of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, the Hebei Garden of International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Beijing will demonstrate the beautiful landscape of Hebei by elaborated horticultural exhibition in the theme of “Hebei Impression”.

The Hebei Garden consists of six artificial landscapes in the theme of Taihang Scenery, Meritorious Tree, Sea-view Platform, Hanbi Hall, Roof Garden and Tranquil Pond respectively in three segments named Taihang Mountain in Autumn, Baiyangdian Lake and Saihanba Pasture respectively.

Taihang Mountain, the mother mountain of Hebei, is kept in the mind of the people in Hebei as an iconic green barrier. At the entrance of the Hebei Garden, the four staggered miniaturemountains are built with the unique yellow rock in Taihang Mountain to show the amazing landscape of Taihang Mountain.

Meritorious Tree, an old larch which has witnessed the transformation of Saihanba from a barren land into a "Green World", is the source of hope and a witness of great change. Lin Yuan Gallery next to it shows the simple huts in which the Saihanba people stayed when they began to afforest their land to demonstrate the outstanding merits of the people of Saihanba to build their homeland into a beautiful land by unswerving efforts.

Sea-view Platform, the highest point of the garden, is a duplicate of the forest fire monitoring tower in Saihanba forest. On the platform, you can see lush forest, flowing springs and blooming flowers around you.

Hanbi Hall, evolved from the architectural style of "Liang Shuai Xiu", the traditional folk dwellings in Hebei, is derived from a line of poem created by Zhu Xi in the Song Dynasty which reads "Although the river is still green(pronounced Hanbi in Chinese), all the forest is red in autumn". Hanbi Hall, situated at the foot of Sea-view Platform on the bank of Tranquil Pond, is to the east of the boutique garden which is covered by grass and trees including Euonymus, Ginkgo biloba, Pinus tabulaeformis and other plant species to complement with the beauty of Sea-view Platform.