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Come to Watch the Exciting World Cup in Sanqing Mountain!

Date:2018-07-02 View:0

Source: Sanqingshan Travel


The quadrennial World Cup, in full swing now, is a carnival of the soccer fans around the world! 64 games in 12 stadiums of 11 cities with beer, shouting, and howling are destined to be the biggest theme in this summer! In the summer of this World Cup revelry, in addition to the “Football Banquet”, let us also use "Foot" to inch all parts of Sanqing Mountain to embrace the World Cup.

Starting from the foot of the mountain, you may take the cable car and feel relaxed in the high air. After getting off the cable car, the journey of measuring Sanqing Mountain with feet begins! The exclamation of the people on the upper reaches of the plank road can be heard now and then, and each turn of the corner will present another spectacular view.

Walking on the plank road, you will feel like stepping into the picture. Step by step, you can enjoy the trip that is full of fantastic experience. Walking on the plank road, to watch overlapping peaks; and beside is the beautiful granite, tough pine cypress, and lovely elf. Such beautiful scenery makes one feel like lying in the arm of a fairyland.

On the Sanqing Mountain cableway, walking slowly will take you a few hours to finish the trip. Although it is built on the cliffs, this high-altitude plank road is usually flat, but it takes little effort to walk all the way, bringing people an exciting experience while enjoying stunning view of the amazing landscape.

Sanqing Mountain high-altitude plank road, is the highest and the longest one nationwide. The plank road averages 1,600 meters above sea level, all of which are built artificially on the precipice.

To visit Sanqing Mountain, there are two separate routes starting from Rishang Villa, one is from the West Coast (West Line) and the other from the Sunshine Coast (East Line). Except for the beginning of a section of climbing, most sections of the road are flat plank roads. The plank road was built 15 years ago, and the workers were suspended by long rope on the cliff at an elevation of 1,600 meters to build the road. The construction process was extremely difficult, and a 4,000-meter-long plank road was finally built.

Come to Sanqing Mountain during the exciting World Cup. In the daytime, enjoy the trip by inching the Sanqing Mountain high-altitude plank road with your feet; In the evenings, watch the World Cup in a hotel or lodging and enjoy yourself with the soccer fans!