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Olympic Forest Park, the "Green Lung" of Beijing

Date:2018-07-13 View:0

Source: Beijing Tourism Website

The Olympic Forest Park is located on the northern end of the central axis of Beijing in line with the design philosophy of the axis to nature. It is not only a green shelter for the city but also a leisure site for athletes, coaches, and official staff to get relaxed from tense competitions.



For the sustainable usage of the Olympic stadiums and facilities after the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the south part of the park officially opened to the public for free on October 26, 2018, and the north part on September 30, 2009. The park ecosystem functions well as it simulates the local ecological environment, making the park a large oxygen bar for arrivals. The green area within the park reaches 478 hectares, a green coverage rate of 95.61%, and the water area covers 67.7 hectares. There are 550,000 trees and shrubs and more than 280 species of plant, producing 5,208 tons of oxygen and absorbing 32,012 kg of sulfur dioxide annually. The capability of detaining dust of the trees reaches about 4,731 tons per year, and a dense belt of trees can reduce sound levels by as much as 26-43 decibels. The annual water storage capacity of the forest is about 650,000 cubic meters. The relative air humidity of the park is 27% higher than other parts of the city, and the temperature in summer is 3-5 degrees lower and in winter 2-4 degrees higher. Playing a vital role in improving urban ecological environment of Beijing, the park is the unquestioned "green lung" of the city.

Address: No. 33 Kehui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing