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Dongjiao Minxiang, a place you shall not miss to learn about what we’ve gone through

Date:2018-07-13 View:0

Source: Beijing Tourism Website

You shall not miss Dongjiao Minxiang if you want to learn about modern Chinese history and the united resistance of the Chinese nation against the aggressive foreign imperialist powers. The area was once opened for a number of foreign legations and has witnessed many soul-stirring events.



The Zhengjin Bank is the landmark of the quarter. As a Beijing branch of the Yokohama Specie Bank back then, the red-and-white building embodies the styles of Dutch architecture and the Japanese architecture in the Edo period (1603-1868).

The former French Post Office, now a Sichuan restaurant called Jingyuan, is a relatively small building situated at the middle section of Dongjiao Minxiang, at the north end of the street. The European-style building, chic and elegant, is listed as a cultural relic site of Beijing under protection and attracts many tourists to take photos here.

Address: Dongjiao Minxiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing