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Beidahuang woodblock prints exhibition opens in Tianjin Art Museum

Date:2018-07-13 View:0



Yesterday, the seventy years of black land complex" Beidahuang woodblock prints six-city tour exhibition (Tianjin Station) was unveiled in Tianjin Art Museum. The itinerant exhibition will last 13 days.

The Beidahuang school is one of the three schools of Chinese woodblock printmaking. The itinerant exhibition of Beidahuang woodblock prints, which is titled as seventy years of black land complex, is a national art fund project hosted by Jiangbin Farm of the Baoquanling Branch under Nongken Central Bureau in Heilongjiang Province and sponsored by the Beidahuang Print School. Since May this year, the exhibition has been successively held in Beijing, Shanghai and Wenzhou.

Beidahuang, or the Great Northern Wilderness, generally refers to the northern borderland of northeast China. The 100 Beidahuang prints on display tell the stories of the region in the past 70 years during which good progress have been made in agricultural, social, economic and environmental domains. The works of the first generation of Chinese woodblock print artists show the ambition of developing agriculture along socialist lines; that of the second generation depict the inspiring life of young intellectuals; and that of the third generation reflect the distinct features of the times via innovative and personalized methods.

Professor Jiang Lu, a member of the China Artists Association and honorary director of the Printmaking Committee of China and former president of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, said: "The exhibition is amazing. Great times make great art. The woodblock prints depict the magnificent reclamation of the Beidahuang land, and show the vastness of the fertile black land and the industriousness and simplicity of the people in the region. These paintings remind us of the noble pioneers who sacrificed their lives in this grand undertaking and the aspirations of generations of builders of this land.