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Yiwu convenes the 4th Conference on Promoting the National Toilet Revolution & “Picturesque Zhejiang” Marketing Conferenc

Date:2017-06-01 View:4

Source: CNTAIC 



On May 26, the city Yiwu of Zhejiang province convened the 4th Conference on Promoting the National Toilet Revolution & the “Picturesque Zhejiang” Marketing Conference. The event was organized to honor the instructions given by Chinese President Xi Jinping on the Toilet Revolution, to summarize the achievements and experience accumulated since the implementation of the three-year action plan, and to further it along with the development of holistic tourism.

CNTA chairman Li Jinzao attended the meeting and gave a speech on how to take the Toilet Revolution further with relentless and vigorous efforts. CNTA vice chairman Li Shihong released the Report on the Progress of the Toilet Revolution, and Zhejiang’s vice governor Liang Liming addressed the audience including Shanxi’s vice governor Zhang Fuming, vice chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Ai Lihua, vice chairman of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Wang Heshan, and director Geng Ming of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation China Office. The keynote speech entitled “The Toilet Revolution and the Application of Technologies” was given by Hou Li’an, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

In his speech, Li said: The tourism industry is incorporating into national strategies and becoming a forefront of economic development and a strategic pillar industry in national economy. It’s penetrated into the political, economic and cultural life and concerns people’s wellbeing. The Toilet Revolution should actively serve key national strategies. We must bear in mind that it’s a key step to deepen the supply-side structural reform and make up for the weakness in the tourism industry, implement the “three-step” national strategy for tourism development, and realize the Two Centennial Goals and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Therefore, we must plan and promote the Toilet Revolution from the strategic point of view and by taking the whole picture into consideration.

At the meeting, CNTA announced a number of innovative technological and managerial modes for the Toilet Revolution, released guiding documents such as The Toilet Revolution: The Technical and Equipment Guide and The Toilet Revolution: Management and Service Guidelines, initiated the Toilet Revolution Awareness Campaign of 2017 and presented the flag to volunteers. The very first red and black lists were also released to acknowledge model units in promoting the Toilet Revolution and punish those 5A or 4A tourist attractions which fail to meet the requirements of the Toilet Revolution.