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The First Taiwanese Tour Group Takes a “Research and Study Tour” in Jianyang District

Date:2018-08-08 View:3

Source: Government Portal Website of Fujian Tourism Development Commission


Recently, over 50 pupils and their parents from Taiwan walked into the Wuyi World of Flowers of Jianyang District (Wolongwan Scenic Spot) to begin the 5-day research and study tour of “searching the relics of Zhu Xi and carrying on the traditional Chinese virtues”.

At the Wuyi World of Flowers Scenic Area, the docent introduced the Temmoku culture to the tour group, displayed wheel throwing and fettling and showed them a performance of whisk method (a method of making tea in the Tang and Song Dynasties). Under the instructions of tea master, the tour group learnt and participated in whisking, yielding fruitful results. “I have been to Fujian before and travelled to Mount Wuyi. However, it is the first time for me to visit Jianyang. It is great to understand and be immersed into so much traditional culture in Jianyang!” Liu Meijing from Taiwan said.

“Previously, tour groups from other provinces mainly travelled to Xiamen and Mount Wuyi in Fujian Province. However, with the growing popularity of Temmoku in Jianyang, tourism resources of Jianyang have drawn much attention from the public. Just from January 2018, we planned and promoted Jianyang-based tourism products so that more tourists outside Fujian Province can have a better understanding of Jianyang and experience the charm of traditional culture, natural landscape and countryside leisure in Jianyang.” The head of tourism department of Jianyang District noted.