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New Fun Added to Haikou Tourism during National Day, “Island Blessing” Marketplace Passes down Island Culture

Date:2018-10-09 View:0

Source: Haikou Daily


The marketplace in Haikou attracts many citizens, making it a destination for tourists in National Day Holiday.

Haikou Daily on October 7. “This handmade bag is so exquisite. How much is it?” On October 7, a marketplace on the first floor of Style Korea located on Yusha Road, Haikou City with the theme of “Island Blessing” drew attention of a lot of citizens. Report has it that this themed marketplace was co-founded by 4 Hainan natives. From October 5 to 7, this marketplace housing 20 local shops and workshops brought creative and distinctive merchandises, which allows citizens and tourists to eventually perceive the “Island Blessing” and feel the cozy life here in the process of experiencing, creating, sharing and collecting blessings.