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Upgraded Portable Toilets on Trial in Zhongguancun

Date:2018-11-02 View:0

Source: Beijing Daily


An exhibitor was demonstrating how to use a Mosh Room Portable Toilet at the Beijing venue of 2018 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week. Photographed by our journalist Rao Qiang.

Beijing Daily by Pan Fuda. Portable toilets, once frequently seen on streets in Zhongguancun, Haidian District, gradually vanished in the past few years for their adverse impact on city appearance. Recently, three brand-new “Mosh Room Portable Toilets” are unveiled, which feature operation without external electricity and water, door opening by scanning QR code with mobile phones, and remote toilet-availability checking. In despite of its compact size similar to a telephone booth, the new portable toilet is equipped with a torrent of fittings, including free toilet paper, mobile phone holder, fragrance dispenser, mirror, etc., and a self-service vending box, stunning citizens with the pervasive sense of technology.This toilet really has quite a few fantastic designs: after scanning the QR code on the door to open it, you will see a clean and roomy space where free toilet paper, mirror, hooks, mobile phone holder are all available, with an fragrance dispenser and an exhaust fan above your head. A vending box offers tissues, wipes, raincoats, power banks and other articles for you to buy. The toilets are free to use during the trail run now. Users may use Mosh Room applet or app to locate toilets nearby.Currently there are totally four such portable toilets in Beijing, with three in the western zone of Zhongguancun and one in Wanliu. Next the company will launch more toilets in Haidian District.