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Egret-hovering Village Stirs a Surge of Recreational Tourists

Date:2018-11-07 View:0

Source: Hainan Daily


At the nightfall of November 4, groups of egrets were flying around in the sky above the Wuji Village, Nada Town, Danzhou City.

The forested Wuji Village has been drawing clustered egrets for inhabitation since 1960s, and the number of egrets in the village reached ten thousand in 1980s, hence the name “the paradise of egrets”.

In recent years, Nada Town has been engaged in building a tourism industry park in Wuji Village, which will integrate “high-tech characteristic agriculture + traditional village culture + recreational tourism”. Now watching birds and appreciating flowers in Wuji Village has become an option for more and more tourists.

Journalist: Chen Yuancai

Photographed by Zhu Dingjia, the Correspondent