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Azhuodi Apples Attract Tourists to Changhu Shilin

Date:2018-11-08 View:0

Source: by journalist Hu Yaoyuan from Kunming Daily. On November 3, the 2018 Azhuodi Apple Culture Tourism Festival was held in Azhuodi Village, Changhu Town, Shilin County. While offering a feast of cuisine, sports and culture exchanges, the event also introduced the tourism program of “one scenic spot in one village” and “one delicacy for one village” for ten villagers committees in Changhu Town.


Yi Girls are picking apples. Photographed by Zhao Wei


According to the organizing committee, totally 14 special rural touristic farm stays in Shilin County attended the Yi Traditional Cooking Contest on the day of festival. Each farm stay made three special dishes, one of which was made of apples as the key ingredient. The “Harvest Celebration” contest drew tourists to get involved in the apple eating contest, yacon moving contest, pumpkin carrying contest, pepper braiding contest, passion fruit eating contest, rural playground and other activities.

The Changhu Town has a forest coverage of 53.52% and annual sunshine duration of 2,198 hours. It is the unique ecological environment here that makes Azhuodi apples especially delicious and nutritious. Presently Changhu Town has more than 3,000 mu of apple base with various cultivars including Red Fuji, Qinguan, Yanfu No. 3, Huashuo, etc.