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Aerial photography of “Flaming Mountain” in Lanzhou: Gorgeous wonder hidden in cities and mountains

Date:2018-12-30 View:0




Speaking of Flaming Mountain, most people will associate it with the Flaming Mountains that "nothing can survive in eight hundred miles around under the fire" in the book The Journey to the West. There is a "Flaming Mountain" 1.5 kilometers away from Nanpoping Village, Shajingyi, Anning District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. Looking from afar, it is magnificent and rich in forms, showing a brilliant reddish-brown color like flames burning. The mountain body is exposed, steep and full of vertical joint. The slope is covered with gullies, making the whole shape looks like a flame with special sense of beauty. 

From Xinhua (Photographed by He Baohua)