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Back to the old days of Hutong in yo-heave-ho

Date:2018-12-31 View:0

Source: Beijing Daily


News from our newspaper (Reporter Yu Lishuang) “Snowflake Cheese, ice cream flavor Snowflake Cheese, come and have a taste, we put sugar and osmanthus in it...” Yesterday afternoon, "Hutong Voice Exhibition" was held at the Shijia Hutong Museum. The organizers installed induction devices on lanterns to broadcast the voices of Hutong recorded by residents and held a porcelain board painting exhibition to reproduce the old times with background sound, so that people can record their own voices and printed voice postcards..... Hundreds of audio clips of Hutong bring audiences to experience the changes of the times, and arouse people's thinking about the presence and future of Hutong.

Once walking into the small courtyard of the museum, one can see four cardboard cut-outs of cartoon characters shaped in repairing pots, selling candied fruit, selling soy sauce and selling ice creams. The cut-outs are also coming with funny hawking words such as: "Honey - comes - ah -! candied fruit!" There is an induction device behind the cut-outs. As soon as the audience approaches, they will make sounds of hawking.

The red lanterns hanging in the pavilion on the east side of the courtyard will begin to "talk" as soon as someone approaches. These are the voices of Hutong residents telling stories about their lives. During the Spring Festival, when one walks into the Shijia Hutong, every red lantern will tell you a story happened there.

Hall No. 8 is the main hall of the exhibition and exhibits on the wall is an exhibition of "Hutong Memory" porcelain display panel. The Hutong, the gateway and the old street... the black and white images create an atmosphere of reminiscence. Scanning the QR code next to the picture frame one can hear the hawking, the pigeon whistle, the cicada crying and the rustling of wind blowing the leaves ......Pictures and sounds are fused as if one went back to the old days.

“The exhibition focuses on the sounds of Hutong, showing everyone the life of old Beijing. Through the exhibition, we hope many of us can understand the Hutong and feel the changes of times via changes of environmental voice in different times, and trigger our thinking about the presence and future of Hutong.” said Dong Lingxiao, director of Chaoyangmen Sub-district Office.

During the Spring Festival, Shijia Hutong Museum will also hold activities such as the New Year Temple Fair and Hutong Lighting Festival.

Photographed by our reporter He Guanxin