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Fuzhou: Rural tourism gets popular in Luoyuan County

Date:2018-03-06 View:23

Source: Fujian Provincial Tourism Promotion Center



Fujian Provincial Commission of Tourism Development –March is a season of flowers. As the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival end, rural tourism in Luoyuan has become popular again. Visitors come to Xiqian Village in Huokou Township for rape flowers and strawberry-picking in Muhe Ecological Park. Luoyuan sincerely welcomes visitors to come for spring outing, fruit picking and flower admiring.

Xiqian Village of Huokou Township owns over 600 square meters of rape flowers. Under the blue sky and white clouds and at the foot of the mountains is a vast area of golden rape flowers, forming a brilliant idyllic painting. Standing beside the rape flowers and look into the distance, the flower fields extend as far as the ancient houses with black tiles and white walls. The artistic view attracts numerous visitors every year. Moreover, visitors can also go to Waterscape Scenic Area of Mount Sheshan and Fuhu Folk-custom Cultural Village of the She Ethnic Group to experience the charm of the She ethnic group.

 Muhe Ecological Park which is located in Qibu Town is now harvesting strawberries. The sweetness of strawberries has attracted a large number of visitors from neighboring counties and districts. Walking into the greenhouse, you can immediately notice the fragrance of strawberries. The big, red fruits are like gifts granted by spring, hiding under the green leaves and shinning deliciously. Visitors can walk in the fields to pick and taste strawberries, and at the same time, feel the ease of an idyllic life. (Written and photo by Yu Yunqing, Luoyuan County Tourism Administration)

Edited by Jiang Yong, Fujian Province