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Dragon Boat Festival

Also named Duanyang Festival, Wuri Festival, and May Festival, Dragon Boat Festival is on May 5 by the lunar calendar. Originating from China, Dragon Boat Festival was initially the festival that people prayed for removing the disease and preventing the illness. Later, as Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet, was also said to die on this day, it became a traditional festival for Chinese nationality to remember Qu Yuan. The folk custom are held for memorizing the talented official of Chu State, Qu Yuan, who was unrivaled for his patriotism and super talents in the world. Such folk customs transmitted to other places in China. All people knew Qu Yuan’s name and recalled the noble feelings of Huaxia nationality. However, some regions also agreed with the saying that such a festival is held in honor of Wu Zixu and Cao E. In addition, the dragon boat race for tribe totem held in Wu and Yue Region appeared before the Spring and Autumn Period. Dragon Boat Festival has the folk customs including: eating Zongzi; dragon boat racing; hanging calamus, wormwood, and folium artemisiae argyi; refreshing the air by rhizoma atractylodis and radix angelicae; drinking realgar wine. Dragon Boat Festival is one of the legal festivals and holidays in China and is included in World Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

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