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Mid-autumn Festival

Mid-autumn Festival, also named Moon Eve, Autumn Festival, Mid-autumn Day, August Festival, August Meeting, Moon Chasing Day, Moon Day, Moon Sacrifice Day, Girls’ Day, or Union Day, is a traditional cultural festival popular among many nationalities in China and various countries in East Asia. The festival is on August 15 by the lunar calendar, the middle day of autumn, hence its name as Mid-autumn Day. However, some regions also regard August 16 as the Mid-autumn Day. [1-2] Mid-autumn Festival firstly appeared in early Tang Dynasty, and became popular in Song Dynasty. It was a festival of equal importance to New Year’s Day in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, and became one of the main festivals in China. Influenced by Chinese culture, Mid-autumn Festival is also a traditional festival for some countries in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, especially for local Chinese in those regions. Since 2008, Mid-autumn Festival has been listed as one of the national legal festivals and holidays. Thanks to the close attention paid by our country, Mid-autumn Festival was listed in the first batch of National-level Intangible Cultural Heritage List upon the approval of State Council on May 20, 2006. Mid-autumn Festival is one of three lantern festivals in China. People play with the lantern on this festival. However, Mid-autumn Festival does not hold a large lantern fair like that on Festival of Lanterns. Games on lanterns are only carried out among family members and children.

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