Shanghai, also called Hu for short, is the biggest city in China and one municipality directly under the central government. As one significant national central city in China and a prosperous cosmopolitan city renowned in the world, Shanghai sits at the estuary of Yangtze River, and faces Kyushu Island of Japan across the sea. It is adjacent to the East China Sea to the east, Hangzhou Bay to the south, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces to the west, thus giving birth to the biggest economic area in China, namely Shanghai-centered Yangtze River Delta Economic Area. As a successor of Wuyue traditional culture, Shanghai is endowed with many historical sites and rich cultural legacy. Besides, it is also a modern city good at absorbing advanced culture from the western world. A unique Shanghai-styled culture thus gradually takes shape in the city. In 2010, Shanghai successfully hosted the World Expo, an eye-catching big event in the world. Shanghai is the most significant industrial and commercial hub in China, and also the national center in terms of economy, transport, technology, industry, finance, trade, convention, and shipping. Its GDP ranks top in China and it is only second to Tokyo in terms of gross regional production across Asia.
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