Situated within the eastern longitude range of 108°50'-110°38' and the northern latitude range of 34°13'-35°52', Weinan City lies in the east of the Guanzhong Plain (aka the "Weihe Plain") in Shaanxi Province. The city faces Shanxi and Henan provinces across the Yellow River to the east, links up with Xi'an and Xianyang cities to the west, and leans against the Qinling Mountains to the south while sharing borders with Shangluo city and against Qiao Mountain to the north while sharing borders with Yan'an and Tongchuan cities. It stretches 182.3 km from north to south and 149.7 km from west to east. It covers an area of 13,134 km2, and has a population of 5.56 million. Located in an important segment of the New Eurasian Land Bridge, Weinan serves as the eastern gate through which access to central and eastern China can be gained from Shaanxi and western China. Within the jurisdiction of Weinan come one district (Linwei District), eight counties (Dali, Fuping, Baishui, Chengcheng, Heyang, Pucheng, Huaxian, and Tongguan) and two county-level cities (Huayin and Hancheng). The city is an important commodity and agricultural base in China, and has electric power, coal mining, and timber as its major industries. It boasts abundant mineral resources, and its molybdenum reserves rank second nationwide.
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