Qinghai Province, also called Qing for short, is located in the northeastern part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and lying between the longitude of 89°35'E-103°04'E and latitude of 31°40'N -39°19'N, spanning 1,200 km from east to west, and 800 km from north to south with an area of 72.12 km2. Qinghai has a diverse terrain with high towering mountains, crossing rivers and lakes here and there. With vast undulating grasslands cropping up one after another and the grand Qaidam Basin in the northwest, Qinghai borders Tanggula Mountain in the south and Qilian Mountain in the north as the magnificent Kunlun Mountain runs across it. Both the Yangtze River and the Yellow River originate from Qinghai, where there is China's largest inland plateau lagoon-Qinghai Lake, hence its name “Qinghai Province.” For visitors traveling to West China including cities in Xinjiang, Tibet, Dunhuang or Lhasa, Qinghai is always a must-see place. Though most of the lands in Qinghai are deserts and snow mountains, which are not suitable for human habitation, Qinghai still remains a paradise for hikers and brave challengers with abundant humanistic and geographical resources.
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