Located in the southeast of Anhui Province, Xuancheng City, bordering Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province, functions as one of the important passages between China’s southeast coastal areas and Chinese mainland. Xuancheng lies at the intersectional parts of the mountainous area in Southern Anhui Province, and the plain area in the downstream of Yangtze River, adjacent to Tianmu Mountain in the east, Mount Huangshan in the south, and Mount Jiuhua in the west. Endowed with mountains and streams within its domain, Xuancheng owns fantastic sceneries. The surrounding peaks and ridges like Jingting Hill, Baishi Hill, Shuixi Hill and Longxu Hill fold the green jades; Qingge River and Shuiyang River lean close to each other. Xuancheng boasts a time-honored history and has brought up a gathering of talents. It is no wonder that there is an old saying—“There is Xuancheng in the south Anhui, while there is Hefei in north Anhui” which means Xuancheng plays an equally important role in South Anhui as what Hefei plays in North Anhui. Xuancheng City has a history of over 2,000 years since Western Han Dynasty established a county here, and it has been regarded as the home to “the Four Treasures of Study” in China, a landscape garden city, a famous historic and cultural city, a member city of Nanjing Metropolitan Area, a southern city in the industrial shift demonstration area of the city cluster along Yangtze River in Anhui River.
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