Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province with semi-provincial administrative status, sits at the heart of Northeast Asia and is dubbed as the Spring City of Northeast China. As one megacity in the nation, Changchun ranks second in terms of urban built-up areas in Northeast China. In addition to the biggest domestic auto city, it is also a globally renowned film city, since it is the hometown of both China FAW Group Corporation and Changchun Film Studio Group. Remembered as birthplace for China’s auto, film, optics, bio-pharmaceuticals, and railway vehicle industries, it is also acclaimed as Oriental Detroit, Oriental Los Angeles, and Oriental Hollywood. Endowed with rich modern urban culture and many architectural legacies left by Manchukou, Changchun is listed as one of the four garden landscape cities in China. Its reputation as Global Auto City, Film City, Optics City, University City, Science and Education City, Forest City, Green Food City, Global Rail Transit City and Global Sculpture City spreads far and wide. It is also an opening-up offshore city near China’s border, enjoying national favorable policies targeted to push the development of Changchun-Jilin-Tumen regions, as well as coastal opening-up cites. Changchun is also the host of many high profile events like Asian Winter Games 2007, Changchun International Film Festival, Changchun International Animation Art Festival, Changchun International Auto Exhibition, Changchun International Ice and Snow Festival, Changchun International Summer Relaxation Festival, Changchun Vaasa International Ski Festival, Changchun Agricultural Expo, Changchun Auto Expo, China-northeast Asia Economic and Trade Expo, Changchun International Education Exhibition, and Changchun International Sculpture Exhibition.
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