Yangzhou, a famous historic and cultural city in China, is located in middle Jiangsu Province, the north bank of the lower reaches of Yangtze River and the southern end of Jianghuai Plain. It is the node city of the metropolitan circles around Nanjing and Shanghai and the water source of the east line of the national key South-North Water Transfer Project (Sanjiangkou, the hydro-junction of Jiangdu). It receives the economic radiation of South Jiangsu, Shanghai, etc., while in the north, it takes the advanced and leading position in developing the northern parts of Jiangsu. Yangzhou is historically renowned for “A famous city east of Huaihe River, a good place of a stretch of west bamboo”. The history of Yangzhou can be dated back to 486 B.C. As a famous historic and cultural city of China, the city enjoys the following titles as the UN Habitat Award, National Habitat Award, National Environmental Protection Model City, and Harmoniously-managed City of China, National Civilized City, National Forest City, City of Poems, Famous Spring City of China.
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