Jiangyan District, located in the middle of Taizhou City, the geological center of Jiangsu Province, embraces Hailing District of Taizhou in the east, south and north. The district belongs to the economic circle of the Yangtze River. During the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), Jiang Renhui, a salt merchant, and his son Jiang E raised funds and united the local people to build the dam against the flood, so as to protect their hometown, hence the city name Jiangyan. Jiangyan is adjacent to Yangtze River and Qinhuai River, and borders the sea to the east. Numerous rivers run through it with vertiginous and flushing currents. Therefore, it is also named as “Sanshui” and “Luotang”. It neighbors Hai’an County of Nantong to the east and Dongtai City of Yancheng, Hailing, Gaogang districts of Taizhou and Jiangdu District of Yangzhou to the west, and borders Taixing and Xinghua respectively to the south and north. It has successively rated as Top 100 Counties of China, Advanced City of Comprehensively-managed Social Security, National Ecology Model City, National City of Advanced Scientific and Technological Progress. Qintong Ancient Town here is honored as a Chinese famous historic and cultural town. Heheng Village, listed among “World Top 500 Places of Ecological Environment” by the UN and the 5A Level Scenic Spot Qinhu National Wetland Park, the world famous hometown of David's deer can be found in the city. Besides, Qintong Boat Festival of Jiangyan, Taizhou is praised as “the grandest boat festival in the world”.
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