As the provincial capital of Shandong, Jinan occupies a location south of Mount Tai and with the Yellow River to the north. Boasting a history of over 2,600 years, it is a famous historic and cultural city and among the first batch of Chinese Outstanding Tourism City as well as the host city of the 11th National Games. Jinan links the three important tourism routes as “mountain, spring and saint”, “culture of Qi and Lu” as well as “Gold Coast”. Blessed with unique natural landscape, time-honored history and culture as well as modern city views, the city is abundant in tourism resources. With a long history, Jinan is listed by the State Council as a famous historic and cultural city. Jinan hailed as “the city of springs” has a great many springs. There are over 700 natural springs throughout the city, including Baotu Spring, Black Tiger Spring, Pearl Spring and the Five-dragon Pond in the old city district of Jinan. Of the 72 famous springs presenting distinguished views, Baotu Spring, “The Best Spring in the World” and “Wonder of the World” Baimai Springs are well renowned all over the world. In 2009, the special moat-tour boat tourism route was open to tourists (from the Liberation Pavilion to Daming Lake). There, strolling along the old and well-preserved streets as Furong Street, Qushuiting Street, Wangfu Chizi Street, you can find yourself surrounded by the ancient flavor while sighing the vicissitudes of history, appreciating the ancient ponds and springs without decoration and enjoying the view of “Springs are bubbling out in the court of every family, and weeping willows are wavering in the yard of every house” can be seen in every household. Daming Lake with various springs running into it, and Qianfo Mountain, the famous Buddhist mountain face each other at a distance, presenting a unique natural landscape of “a city replete with mountain-view while half of it is on lake-front.” Jinan is an important origin of Chinese civilization. Chengziyan Ruins is the place where Longshan culture represented by black pottery in the late period of the Neolithic Age was found. The city boasts of many cultural relics, including Relics of Shun Culture -Shungengshan Mountain, Great Wall of Qi established earlier than that of Qin Dynasty (221-206 B.C.), China’s oldest stone pagoda-Liubu Pagoda of Four Gates (built in Sui Dynasty) and “the world’s most famous statutes”- Painted Statues of Arhats in the Divine Rock Temple. Jinan is the birthplace of many famous persons in Chinese history, as Qin Qiong, the former residence of whom was in the Five-dragon Pond, famous Chinese litterateur Li Qingzhao, Xin Qiji, Zhang Yanghao, Li Bai, Tu Fu, Su Shi, Zen Gong and other outstanding writers or scholars who have lived or travelled in Jinan, hence there comes the saying that “Jinan is a place frequented by literary celebrities”.
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