Zaozhuang is located in the south of Shandong as the fourth prefecture-level city of the province. The city has Yimeng Mountain on the east, Weishan Lake on the west and Xuzhou, the historic site of Han culture on the south and Jining, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius on the north. During the Second World War, the Taierzhuang Campaign broke out here. Zaozhuang is the first modern city established and prospering due to the coal industry. It is a city of 7,300 years of Chinese traditional culture, 4,300 years of city-state culture and 2,700 years of canal culture as well as 130 years of industrial culture. Located on the gold travelling route of “one mountain, one spring, Han culture and Confucious Family Mansion, Temple and Cemetery”, Zaozhuang is a vigorous, charming and emerging tourism city, boasting of the grandeur of northern cities as well as the grace of southern water villages. And it has been given the name of “Water City North of the Yangtze River and Ancient City of Canals” and “Pearl of South Shandong”.
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