Tai’an is located in the southern foot of Mount Tai in Middle Shandong, and its geological coordinates are 116°20′-117°59′eastern latitude and 35°38′-36°28′northen longitude. The city borders the provincial capital Jinan to the north, Qufu, the hometown of Confucius, founder of Confucianism to the south, commercial city Linyi to the east and the Yellow River to the west. Tai’an administers two municipal districts as Taishan and Daiyue, two counties as Ningyang and Dongping, and two county-level cities as Xintai and Feicheng. “Tai’an” has the meaning of “a contented people living in a country at peace” as a famous cultural tourism city. Mount Tai within the territory is a national key scenic spot with an altitude of 1,545 m, enjoying the reputation of “the most revered of the Five Mountains” and “the greatest mountain in the world”. And the mountain is listed among the world natural and cultural heritage. Tai’an was listed among the first batch of tourism cities open to the outside world by the State Council in 1982.
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