Qingdao is one of the 5 cities specifically designated in the state plan. As a sub-provincial city, the city has many other titles including National Civilized City, National Sanitary City, and famous historic and cultural city of China and excellent tourism city of China. As the important economic and cultural center of China’s eastern coastal areas, the city is among the 14 coastal cities opening to the outside world and serves as an important regional economic center and trade port connecting China and the rest of the world. As a beautiful coastal city, Qingdao is one of the Chinese cities holding the most large-scale sports events and grand international gatherings. It is named as “City of Sailing Boats”. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games all chose Qingdao as the parallel venue. And the ISAF Sailing World Cup of 2013 and 2014 will also be held in Qingdao. And in 2014, the World Horticultural Exposition will also be held in Qingdao.
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