Located along the "Silk Road", Ningxia was once an important passageway of transportation and trade between West and East China in the history. Moreover, it also boasts of the ancient Yellow River civilization, as one of the places which the Yellow River flows through. As far back as 30000 years ago, traces of human beings had been found here. In 1028 A.D., Li Yuanhao, the leader of Dangxiang minority, founded the Western Xia Dynasty here and created the unique and brilliant Western Xia culture. Lying between the north latitudes 35°14-39°23′and east longitudes 104°17′-107°39, Ningxia covers an area of 66,400 sq. km. It’s long from the south to the north with a distance of about 456 km and is short from the east to the west with a distance of about 250 km. Ningxia originates from the middle of the Yangtze River, which is 2 kilometers away from the north of Toudaokan of Shizuishan, in the north, and ends till the Zhongzuiliang Village of Jingyuan County on the Liupan Mountain in the south, and extends from the Logging Dam (Tianlaoba), which is 10 km away from the southwest of the Yingpanshui Railway Station in Zhongwei, in the west and terminates at the place 2 km away from the northeast of the Liushuliang Village of Yanchi County, in the east.
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