Located in the northwest part of China and the middle part of Ningxia Plain, Yinchuan is the capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region with 3 districts, 2 counties, 1 county-level city, namely the Xingqing District, Jinfeng District, Xixia District, Yongning County, Helan County, and Lingwu City. By 2009, Yinchuan had over 23 su?-district offices, 21 towns, 6 countries and 211 neighborhood committees as well as 271 village committees. In 2011, Yinchuan had a built-up area of 126.38 square kilometers with about 2.0257 million permanent residents, among whom 1.5067 million are urban and 519000 are rural. Most of the residents belong to the Han Nationality while only about 481700 of them belong to Hui Minority. Yinchuan has been dubbed as a Frontier Pearl since ancient times. In the west of Yinchuan City there is a national-level scenic spot, namely the Western Xia Mausoleum. There are many Muslim-style buildings in the city, most of which are drum towers. In the south of the city, there are also lots of places of historical interest including large-sized mosques and Chengtiansi Pagoda.
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