Situated in the north of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and the western bank of the Yellow River, Shizuishan is a prefecture-level city adjacent to Yinchuan in the south and east and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the north and west. Lying between the east longitudes 105°58′-106°39′ and the north latitudes 38°21′-39°25′, Shizuishan has an urban area of 75 square kilometers with a distance of 88.8 km from the east to the west, and 119.5 km from the south to the north. As a newly-developed city, Shizuishan is well-known for Taixi Anthracite Coal, hence the name of Coal City on the Frontier. Moreover, Shizuishan has a population of 320000, among which there are 460000? urban population and 58.2% of which are nonagricultural population. There are 24 nationalities in the city including Han Nationality, Hui Minority, Meng Minority, and Man Minority and so on, with the population of Hui Minority accounting for 20.3% of the total population. Shizuishan was named after the rocks in the place where the Helan Mountain meets with the Yellow River in the territory, as the rocks were in the shape of projecting mouths, and this was first recorded in the Jiajing Ningxia Xinzhi in Qing Dynasty.
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