Gansu Province is the provincial-level administrative region in People’s Republic of China. Located in the upstream of the Yellow River, Gansu Province borders Shaanxi to the east, Sichuan and Qinghai to the south, Xinjiang to the west and Inner Mongolia and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to the north. Gansu Province got its name because of Ganzhou (current Zhangye) and Suzhou (current Jiuquan). In addition, most parts of the province lie in the west of Long Mountain (Liupan Mountain). Longyou Road was once set up here in Tang Dynasty. Thus, the province was also named Gan or Long. Governing 12 prefecture-level cities and 2 autonomous prefectures, Gansu has Lanzhou as its provincial capital. Belonging to Yongzhou in history, Gansu Province was once the key place and golden section of the Silk Road. Adjacent to Mongolia, Gansu is like a beautiful jade between the Loess Plateau of central China, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and Inner Mongolian Plateau. As an important province in Northwest China, Gansu Province attracts numerous domestic and foreign tourists every year by its unique geographic location and long humanistic history. With complex and various landforms, Gansu Province belongs to typical high mountain landform. With a dry climate here, Gansu Province has abundant thermal energy, wind energy, and atmospheric resources, all of which are renewable resources. The mineral resources in Gansu Province are also very abundant. Unique geographic environment and unique folk customs beyond the Great Wall lead to abundant tourist resources here.
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