Mount Huangshan
Located in Huangshan City, a southern city in Anhui Province, Mount Huangshan, originally called Yishan Mountain, gets its name thanks to its blue-black rock peak. Known as a world geopark, a world cultural and natural heritage, a national 5A level scenic spot, one of China’s top ten scenic spots and historic sites, and a national-level scenic spot, it is identified as the first batch of demonstration sites as the National Civilized Scenic Area. Since the Yellow Emperor once tried to make pills of immorality here, and Emperor Xuanzong in Tang Dynasty worshipped Taoism here, its name was changed to “Mount Huangshan” in the 6th year of Tianbao period. Xu Xiake, a traveler and geographer in Ming Dynasty, ascended Mount Huangshan twice and highly praised it as “Mount Huangshan provides the most beautiful scenery at home and abroad. After ascending Mount Huangshan, no more mountains will be able to catch your eyes since you can experience all the beauty in the world here”. Later generations extended it as “After appreciating the Five Sacred Mountains, there’s no need to view other mountains; after ascending Mount Huangshan, there’s no need to view other Scared Mountains”. In December 1990, Huangshan Scenic Spot was listed in the World Heritage List by UNESCO as a cultural and natural heritage; In February 2004, it is developed into a world geopark.
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