Lanzhou is the capital city and the center of politics, culture, economics, and science and education of Gansu Province. As the only provincial capital with the Yellow River crossing the downtown, Lanzhou enjoys abundant natural resources from water and hills. Moreover, the climate is pleasant here with warm winter and cool summer. Lanzhou has unique natural sceneries, abundant humanistic landscapes, colorful national customs, and unique tourist resources. With the mother river--the Yellow River running through Lanzhou downtown for more than 160 km, Lanzhou boasts hundreds of li of beautiful Yellow River scenic spots. Lanzhou has a long history. The history of more than 2100 years leaves many ancient passes, castles, cultural relics, historic sites, and beautiful legends on this magic land. Lanzhou was once a big market for commercial transaction and the old battlefield full of military hardware. Lanzhou also has abundant and deep humanistic and historical accumulation, such as rare pottery drums and Han paper. Apart from the First Bridge of the Yellow River --Zhongshan Bridge, Lanzhou also hosts Taihe Iron Bell, Wenshuo Pavilion storing the national treasure Imperial Collection of Four, and well-reserved Lutusi Governmental Office. Numerous historical figures including Emperor Genghis Khan, General Huo Qubing, and national hero Lin Zexu have all left moving and heroic deeds and tourist resources to be developed here. Lanzhou has glorious culture and unique glamour. The Yellow River culture, Silk Road culture, and folk culture form the brightest feature of Lanzhou culture. Historically, Lanzhou was once the key town in old Silk Road, the important ferry in the Yellow River, and the arterial traffic connecting the middle and southern line of the Silk Road. The long history of the Silk Road leads to many passes, castles, cultural relics, historical sites, and legends in Lanzhou.
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