Tianshui City is the second largest city in Gansu Province. Located in the northeast of Gansu Province, Tianshui City is the only way which must be passed in the Silk Road. The whole city crosses 2 drainage basins including the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. New Eurasian Land Bridge passes through the whole territory. The city governs 5 counties including Wushan, Gangu, Qin’an, Qingshui, and Zhangjiachuan Hui Nationality Autonomous County, and 2 districts including Qinzhou and Maiji. With four distinctive seasons, pleasant climate, and abundant natural resources, the city is hailed as “Small Jiangnan City” in Northwest China. As an important birthplace of Huaxia Civilization and Chinese nation, Tianshui is titled as Fu Hsi Hometown and the Yellow Emperor’s Hometown. The Emeror Hsi created Bagua, so Tianshui was called as the Capital of Yi. Fu Hsi Culture, Xuanyuan Culture, Dadiwan Culture, Pre-Qin Culture, Culture of Three Kingdoms, Grottoes Culture, and Yi culture are extensive and profound. Currently, there are 296 national, provincial, and municipal key protection cultural relics in Tianshui. Moreover, there are also many cultural sites in the city. The only Fu Hsi Temple with Fu Hsi’s statue was in Tianshui. Maiji Grotto, the “Eastern Sculpture Gallery”, was one of the Four Great Grottoes in China. Tianshui is also the origin place for Chinese county system, hailed as the first county of Huaxia. 8000 years’ history and culture in Tianshui is the beginning of Chinese civilization. The old city, Tianshui, is hailed as “Old Historical Capital” and the holy land for ancestor worship of global Chinese.
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