Located in the east of Gansu Province, Pingliang is at the intersection of Shaanxi, Gansu, and Ningxia Provinces (Regions), crossing Longshan Mountain (Guanshan Mountain) and bordering Xianyang of Shaanxi to the east, Dingxi and Baiyin to the west, Baoji of Shaanxi and Tianshui of Gansu to the south and Guyuan of Ningxia and Qingyang of Gansu to the north. Pingliang is the town which must be passed in old Silk Road and is usually hailed as Dry Wharf in Long. Pingliang is a beautiful and rich place with a long history, gathering of talents, and deep tourist culture. The whole city is endowed with more than 100 scenic spots of various types and 12 national 2A level scenic spots. The Most Scared Mountain of Taoism under Heaven---Kongtong Mountain, which belongs to the first batch of National 5A Level Scenic Spots, is also titled as National Key Scenic Spot and National Geological Park. Moreover, Kongtong Mountain is elected as “Top 10 China’s Satisfying Scenic Spots among Chinese Tourists”, “Top 50 Places to Visit in China for Foreigners”, and one of the 30 “Chinese Tourist Culture Model Bases”. The No.1 Queen Mother Palace in the world-- Queen Mother of the West Palace on the Huishan Mountain of Jingchuan County is the birthplace of Queen Mother of the West Culture, and one national key folk culture scenic spot. The first slope of Human Beings in Kaiyuan, Jingning Chengji Cultural City, has grand momentum, which is old, simple, and elegant. Jieshipu Long March Memorial Hall is listed as the key scenic spot of national “Red Tour”. The No.1 Worship Lingtai Tower in China---Ancient Lingtai Tower has mysterious glamour of culture of Western Zhou Dynasty. The first Qin Emperor Worship Platform, Huating Lotus Platform is most famous for “Man-made Longment Cave and inborn Lotus Platform. With 1 million mu terrace fields, the first terrace model county, Zhuanglang County, becomes a unique ecological scenery line in Loess Plateau.
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