Chengde is a prefecture-level city in northeastern Hebei. Inside Hebei, Chengde shares borders with Tangshan City, Zhangjiakou City and Qinhuangdao City. It is adjacent to Beijing Tianjin, Chaoyang City of Liaoning Province, and Chifeng City and Xilingele League of Inner Mongolia. It is a National Famous Historical and Cultural City in China. Chengde was initially given the Chinese name of “Rehe” (a transliteration into Chinese of the phrase “hot river”) because the Mongolian name chosen for the place back then, which can be transliterated into Chinese as “Ha Lun Gao Lu” or “Ha Lun Guo Le”. Rehe has therefore become Chengde’s alternate name. The land belonged to Kharachin and Ongiud once. In the early years of the Qing Dynasty there was a small mountain village of dozens of households called Rehe Shangying in addition to Mongolian horse farms. Emperor Kangxi started construction of Mountain Resort in Chengde in 1703 and since then Chengde had become a place for Qing Dynasty emperors to escape the summer heat and go hunting while dealing with government affairs. The Wulie River flows through downtown Chengde. Chengde is the brightest pearl beyond the Great Wall and was once the place where emperors in Qing Dynasty went to escape the summer heat and go hunting. Home to both a magnificent imperial garden and a splendidly beautiful hunting ground, Chengde is sure to surprise you with its beauty and splendor.
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